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Opening You to Greater Realities
  • Welcome to The 5th Paradigm!

    Opening You to Greater Realities, Inner Transformation, and Fully Actualized Living

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    This website is about empowerment. Your empowerment. Your Inner Power—the unrecognized power you and all of us humans were born with. Empowerment is not ‘Power Over’ others, to which our cultures have become addicted. It is Power Within—our innate capacity to draw on, and attune to, the infinite power of Source. Inner Power makes ‘power over’ both unnecessary and unnatural. 5th Paradigm empowerment is about YOU discovering and manifesting YOUR unrecognized Inner Power. I call The 5th Paradigm “INNER REALIZATION” because it’s about You ‘realizing’ your Inner Power. For me, that means:  

    Becoming aware of it

    Discovering its profound nature

    Acknowledging its existence within myself

    Applying it continuously in all aspects of my life

      I invite you to explore and express The 5th Paradigm as I have, through LEARNING, LIVING, and LEADING. As I have journeyed through life this time around, Learning, Living, and Leading became the focal point of my career and my writing. Nine books and many decades later, I’m still at it with the same enthusiasm and conviction:

     To assist people in making more of their lives than they may realize is possible.

    Why? Because I was finally able to see the incredible support I’d received from teachers, mentors, and friends in a new light, and I realized what great gifts I had been given. These were both the gifts within me, and the gifts that these people had been for me over the decades. I simply wanted to give back in the best ways I knew how, and this website is one of those ways.   So on this site you’ll find a LINK to Offerings. When you open it you’ll find three choices.  One is called 5P Living.  It will take you to a description of my book Opening to Greater Realities: An Amazing Journey of Spiritual Awakening and how that amazing journey started, unfolded, and eventually got me to The 5th Paradigm. So many incredible, wonderful, unexpected things happened on this continuing journey that I wanted my example to help others discover, acknowledge, and apply their Inner Power too. If a total ‘intellectual’ like me could have this kind of astonishing awakening and opening to far greater realities than I had ever thought possible, I reasoned, so could others. So I wrote the book, knowing that YOU are among them, and that you would be as ‘amazed’ at YOUR journey to The 5th Paradigm as I was at mine! The second choice on the Offerings link is called 5P Learning.  It’s about the educational transformation work I’ve devoted my career to realizing, and it has two main parts. One takes you to my most recent book Bringing Heart and Soul to Education, which is what 5th Paradigm Learning is all about—the heart and soul of the learner. I’m joined in this wonderful endeavor by ten other contributing colleagues whose work I greatly admire and whose messages I strongly advocate. Read it, and you’ll never think about education the same way again. And you’ll probably tell every educator you know to read it, too. The other part describes the transformational consulting work I do in education. This work evolved over four decades and through four different and ever-more-empowering paradigms of Learning before I discovered the 5th—the one that had been within me all that time: Inner Realization. I’m happy to be sharing this work with willing educators in countries far and wide now, so don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to explore the many forms of paradigm change in education open to you, and their respective benefits. The third choice on the Offerings link is called 5P Leading. It takes you to the transformational Leadership work I’ve done over the decades, much of it with my esteemed colleague Dr. Charles Schwahn. We’ve written three books together which have been best-sellers in the education world, and the foundation of that work–what we call Total Leaders–now stretches all the way to The 5th Paradigm. So I’m eager to work with leaders–in whatever field–who want to tap their Inner Power, become a 5th Paradigm TotalLeader, and discover and apply the five pillars of effective change in their organizations. For everything on this website, and more, I am profoundly grateful. Love, Joy, Wisdom, Peace! Dr. William Spady
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